Microblading Care Instructions

Microblading Londonderry NH Salon Bogar

In order for your new brows to heal properly (and look their best) these Pre & Post Care Instructions are of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE! Pre-Care instructions are designed to limit bleeding and skin sensitivities during the service. Excessing bleeding during the procedure can dilute the pigment color and lead to poor results.

Pre Care Instructions

  • NO alcohol 24 hours prior.
  • NO caffeine 12 hours prior.
  • Avoid Retin-A/Retinol 7 days prior.
  • Avoid blood thinners 5 days prior and 24hrs after. This includes: aspirin, ibuprofen, niacin, fish oil or vitamin E
  • Must be out of active chemotherapy / radiation for 8 months.
  • Must be off steroids for 6 months.
  • Must be off Accutane for 6 months.
  • Must wait 4 months after giving birth or after breastfeeding.
  • Must be off antibiotics for 2 to 4 weeks prior.
  • Avoid chemical peels and laser treatments 2 months prior.
  • NO Botox, fillers, injections, microdermabrasion, or facials of any sort for 2 weeks before and after.
  • Avoid tanning and sun exposure 2 weeks before & after.??Avoid shaping, waxing, or threading at least 10 days prior.
  • Do not come to your apt with dyed, henna, or tinted brows.
  • Brow Laminations soften your natural hairs. If you do not want this look done then please refrain from getting a lamination done 4 weeks prior.

Post Care Instructions

  • Blot eyebrows for the first 1-2 hours with a clean, dry tissue.
  • Wash with the cleanser provided morning and night for 10-14 days using clean fingers or a cotton round. Use 1-2 pumps in a wiping motion, no hard scrubbing or circular motions, and rinse with cool water. Then apply a small amount of aftercare balm after washing using clean fingers or Q-tips for 10-14 days.
  • DO NOT pick at brow area or scabs as they are healing!
  • Keep all skincare and makeup away from the eyebrow area for 10-14 days.
  • Keep area dry EXCEPT for when cleansing with the cleanser provided.
  • No sauna, sweating, swimming, etc. for 10-14 days. Use face shields provided to help keep them dry while showering.
  • No tanning or sun exposure for 10-14 days.
  • No brow laminations for 4 weeks after.
  • No botox, filler, injections, microdermabrasion, or facials for 2 weeks after.
  • No chemical peels or laser treatments for 30 days.
  • Contact your physician at the first signs of infection or abnormal swelling.