You can dial up your eye look and have longer, fuller eyelashes 24/7 with lash extensions—and our lashes are soft, comfortable and perfectly healthy for your natural lashes while they’re applied.  [Frequently Asked Questions…]

Lash Extension Consultation*15 min | $19
Our lash specialist will provide a customized consultation to discuss your desired look as well as explain the service and after-care instructions in detail to you. They will also do a “patch test” where they apply a couple of lash extensions to the outer corner of your eyes to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction to the lashes, eye pads and/or our medical-grade adhesive.

*A consultation is required to schedule a full set of eyelash extensions with us. The $19 fee can be applied as a credit for a Full Set Lash Extension service if booked within 30 days.


Ideal for those who want natural-looking enhancements or are getting lash extensions for the first time. One lash extension is applied to a single natural lash.

Full Set $199
Lash Fill (1 week)$35-50
Lash Fill (2 week) $55-70
Lash Fill (3 week) $70-85
Lash Fill (4 week)$100-115


Combination of Classic and Volume Lashes to create a customized look. Great for those who want volume but still desire a more natural look. One to three lash extensions are applied to a single natural lash.

Full Set $249
Lash Fill (1 week) $38-53
Lash Fill (2 week) $58-73
Lash Fill (3 week) $73-88


Longer, fuller, high impact lashes for someone who wants to look glamorous the moment they wake up! Three to five lash extensions are applied to a single natural lash.

Full Set$299
Lash Fill (1 week) $45-60
Lash Fill (2 week) $65-80
Lash Fill (3 week)$80-95
Lash Fill (4 week)$103-118
Lash Extensions Removal 30 min | $45

Lash Lift

Don’t want the upkeep of lash extensions? A lash lift is a low maintenance way of giving your natural lashes a “lift.” Your lashes will be permed with silicone pads at the base to make your lashes stand taller and look longer. It can last up to eight weeks. Pair with an eyelash tint to enhance the effect and give the appearance of wearing mascara!

Lash Lift60 min | $77


Lash Tinting $40
Brow Tinting $30
Brow/ Lash Tinting Combo $65
HENNA BROW TINT45 min | $46
A form of eyebrow tinting that is used to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs as well as dying the hair. The purpose of this is to cast a shadow or create an illusion of depth and fullness in the area, visually filling in any sparseness and defining your brows.
The newest trend to hit the brow market. This “brow perm” allows us to temporarily retrain the growth pattern of the hairs to help stand up and fill out the brows. Lasts up to 6 weeks and best results are paired with a tint or henna for fuller darker, natural brows.