7 Solutions for Mature Hair Challenges: A Guide for Women Over 40

Salon Bogar Londonderry NH Tips for Mature Hair


If you’re over 40 you’re probably noticing changes in your skin, body and hair.

The natural aging process brings about changes in hormonal levels and hair structure, presenting unique challenges for many women. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some common hair challenges faced by women over 40 and provide practical tips we can help you with for maintaining healthy and vibrant hair.

Dry & Brittle Hair

Solution: Remove Buildup with a Metal Detox or Clarifying In-Salon Treatment

Regular use of styling products, shampooing with well water, and the use of certain medications can result in buildup that can leave your hair feeling brittle and dry.

To keep hair healthy use gentle clarifying shampoos and avoid sulfates.

This can help to remove buildup from styling products, chlorine, hard water and more from your hair. It will also help conditioners, masks and treatments better penetrate the hair.

Consider adding a Metal Detox Treatment to your next hair color service and incorporate the Metal Detox Shampoo and Conditioner into your home haircare routine.

Metal Detox removes metal buildup inside the hair fiber that interacts with the oxidant during color, balayage, and bleaching, causing breakage and a less reliable color result.

Get an in-salon Malibu Clarifying Treatment at least every 3 months.

It helps to remove buildup from hard water, chlorine and medications, and preps the hair for other treatments like perms and coloring.

It can also effectively remove any brassy, ashy, or muddy discolorations. Follow up at home by using Malibu Un-Do-Goo Shampoo once a week.

Lack of Volume

Solution: Intentionally Create Volume with Products and Specialized Services

Thinning hair leads to a lack of volume and body, making certain hairstyles challenging to achieve.

Specially formulated volumizing shampoos and styling products like our Oribe favorites pictured below can be your allies in adding fullness to your locks.

Consider shorter hairstyles with layers or a Texture Wave to create more volume and movement.

Get more volume and the feeling of strong, healthy hair with Hair Thickening Extensions.

Our hair thickening systems help create wonderfully natural volume, are extremely comfortable to wear and are gentle on fine natural hair.

Managing Frizz & Flyaways

Solution: Smoothing Treatments and Anti-Frizz Products

Controlling frizz and flyaways becomes trickier as hair ages, particularly in humid conditions.

Use products that are designed to smooth the hair and tame unruly strands.

Also consider getting Brazilian Blowout Service or a Keratin Treatment.

This smoothing treatment can give you the benefit of soft, silky, shiny, and smooth hair that lasts from 6 weeks up to 5 months, depending on the treatment used.

A Keratin Treatment can eliminate frizz, protect the hair from humidity, strengthen the hair shaft, reduce texture, lock-in color services, add shine, and increase styling manageability.

Dull and Lackluster Hair

Solution: Get a Hair Color Glaze

A glazing service provides translucent color and intense conditioning.

Glazing will enhance any variation of tone that your hair naturally has, allowing for a more subdued shade.

If you have gray hair, and you put a gloss on, it will have a very tonal effect as opposed to one solid opaque color.

It also makes your hair super shiny and silky. 

It will even reduce a little bit of frizz, and overall, your hair feels like you had a conditioning treatment.

It’s not a permanent hair color, so it’s a no-commitment change. It’ll fade on its own (within six weeks).

hair glaze salon bogar londonderry nh

Glazing Before and After

Thinning Hair

Solution: Thinning Hair Products and The Perfect Haircut

Hair thinning is a prevalent concern for many women over 40.

As hormonal fluctuations occur, reduced hair follicle activity and decreased blood flow to the scalp can lead to thinning or hair loss.

To address this challenge, consider hair products designed to strengthen and volumize the hair.

You can also consult with one of our stylists for haircuts and styles that create the illusion of thicker locks.

Awaken Thinning Hair Salon Bogar Londonderry NHAwaken Thinning Hair Salon Bogar Londonderry NHSalon Bogar Londonderry NH


The Appearance of Gray Roots Between Color Services

Solution: Root Touchup Sprays

Finding it challenging to keep up with the appearance of gray roots within weeks of a root touch up color service?

Grab a root touchup spray and instantly cover grays and roots or revive highlights between appointments.

Microfine pigments blend seamlessly with your natural shade when—and where—you need it.

The quick-drying powder formula also absorbs dirt and oil to refresh hair.

Oily Hair and Scalp As a Result of Hot Flashes

Solution: Dry Shampoo 

Embracing the beauty of menopause comes with its own set of changes, including shifts in hair and scalp behavior.

For women navigating this transformative phase, the battle against an oily scalp can be particularly challenging.

Enter dry shampoo, your newfound ally.

Specially designed for the dynamic needs of menopausal hair, dry shampoo swiftly absorbs excess oil, delivering an instant surge of freshness that defies greasiness.

Enjoy longer gaps between washes, revitalize your hair’s volume and texture, and savor the confidence of knowing you can tackle oily scalp concerns effortlessly.


At Salon Bogar, we’ve got lots of solutions for managing the challenges of mature hair. Schedule a consultation with a member of our incredible team. We’d love to help you create a game plan to help you looking and feeling your best!




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